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Slow Widgets


Create a technical improvement plan given limited information.


An application that you've just assumed complete responsibility for is used for finding locations that sell widgets near a given user. This application has an integration with an external system that lets users filter the results by their favorite widgets. User complaints have come in, saying the system:

  • Is slow looking up nearby widgets
  • Doesn't provide user feedback when importing favorite widgets

The task is to plan out priorities for technical improvement for this application, given the following context:

  • A team is in place to implement changes
  • The metrics below are all that are currently captured for the application
  • Assume a 6-week period with multiple deploy windows to improve the application

Appendix A

Web Transactions App server time
IntegrationController#update 1235 ms
IntegrationController#lookup 1145 ms
LocationController#find 645 ms
HomeController#index 126.9 ms

Appendix B - transaction trace for LocationController#find

Category Segment % Time Avg calls (per txn) Avg time (ms)
WebTransaction /location/find 100 1 645
Database Postgres DBRepo.FindByZip Query 41.9 6 45
Database Postgres DBRepo.LookupZip QueryRow 7.9 12 4.24
Database Postgres DBRepo.FindUser Query 0.62 0.997 4.05


Write your plan in under 600 words, and store as a plain text file.

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