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Ready to submit?

You'll be able to sign into your account and submit once our recruiting team requests a homework from you.

Preparing your upload

  • Create a zip archive of your homework assignment. Tip: to exclude git files, run this script from within the source directory: git archive -o HEAD
  • Upload only one assignment at a time.
  • Engineers: please include instructions and comments for running your code or anything else we should know when evaluating your submission.
  • Review your submission. Did you solve the problem and follow the assignment's instructions?
  • Don't include anything in your files that could identify you. Remove anything like a .git directory or portfolio links.

What happens after I upload?

  • Once you upload a solution, we won't allow you to change it. However, you may come back and submit additional homework assignments.
  • We'll assign your submission a random number for blinded evaluation. Several team members will review your solution.
  • Engineers who pass the first blind code review will be asked to complete one or two additional code challenges.
  • Designers who pass the evaluation will move on to portfolio review.
  • Sign into your account at any time to check the status of your submission.