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Quality Assurance: Google Search Manual Testing


The purpose of this assignment is to gain insight about your QA knowledge/skills in manual browser testing, as well as in test planning under time & resource constraints.


Out of respect for your time and to better understand how you think, we ask that you take no more than two hours to complete this assignment.

Your tasks

Your homework assignment basically involves the following 3 tasks:

  1. Check Google Search functionality & requirements
  2. Write 3 top-priority* Test Cases
  3. Write a Test Plan**

*Assignment time-limit precludes requiring more than 3 test-cases. There should ideally be many more.

**For test-planning, strike a sensible coverage-balance between subfeatures [in your test cases] and number of OS-browser combos [in your test plan].

Read ALL instructions before starting.


Complete the following tasks in 2 hours maximum:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Google Search:

    • Check the functionality of the following main features at [not the mobile app]:
      • Search field [textbox]
      • Results toolbar
      • Results list
    • Review the Requirements section [scroll down to bottom of page].
  2. Write 3 Manual-UI Acceptance Test Cases:

    Use a plain-text (.txt) file.

    • Validate major, top-priority functional features.
    • Validate functionality only -- no need to validate accessibility, content/styling, or performance.
    • Write 3 happy-path cases -- sad-paths would likely go over either tester-capacity or assignment-time limit.
    • Include time estimate for each case.
    • Include expected result for each test step.
    • Write test steps for non-technical user [with basic computer/smartphone & web-surfing skills].
    • You may cover 2 or more high-level-requirements in the same test case.
  3. Write a Test Plan for above cases:

    Write a Test Plan, continuing in the same plain-text file.

    • Constraints:
      • Only 1 person-hour of total tester capacity is budgeted.
    • Document & explain test scope:
      • Features/subfeatures to cover [a synopsis of your test cases]
      • OS-browser combinations to cover

Any questions?

If you have any specific questions about this homework assignment, please contact VA Applications Shared Support Team:

For other general questions like recruiting/interview processes, please contact the Recruiter who's working with you.


  • Submit your homework in a single, plain-text (.txt) file. Currently, we’re unable to accept alternative file types by default as we’re still figuring out how to consistently anonymize submissions.

Google Search Requirements

The requirements listed below are high-level, and selected to fit assignment & tester-capacity time-limits. They also do not include all implementation details or subfeatures/options -- those are to be fleshed out in your Test Cases.

For example, "Search is submitted" below could be fleshed out in a test-step as Tap Search button [mobile] or press Enter key [desktop].

Entry URL [not the mobile Google app]

High-level requirements

ID Given When Then
R1 "qa" is typed into search field Search is submitted Browser loads results relevant to "qa"
R2 Results are loaded Navigation link is tapped/clicked Browser navigates to destination page
R3 Results are loaded Category-tab is selected Browser displays only category-specific results
R4 Results are loaded Recency-option is selected from Tools dropdown Browser displays only results posted/updated within selected timeframe

Included files

There are no included files to download for this assignment.

Ready to submit?

Don't include anything in your files that could identify you. We assign submissions a random number when they are received so our team does not know whose homework they are evaluating. Multiple team members will review your submission before a decision is made.

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