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The purpose of this assignment is to gain insight about your thought process and your approach to solving accessibility challenges in a real-world situation.


Out of respect for your time and to better understand how you think, we ask that you take no more than two hours to complete this assignment.

Your task

Create a list of accessibility improvements for the provider search tool that is part of the Window Shopping tool available at:

Window Shopping provider search tool

The provider search tool enables users to search for medical providers (such as doctors), medical facilities, and prescription drugs to add to their temporary window shopping search for insurance plans. Once added, consumers can then quickly determine which plans cover their doctors, medical facilities, or prescription drugs.

Using the steps below, document 2-5 accessibility improvements (user stories, or plain text bullet points) that you would recommend be made to this section of the Window Shopping application. These can improve either Section 508 compliance or overall accessibility experience for a consumer visiting the site with assistive technology.


Please use the following steps to get to the section of the tool you'll be working on, then make recommendations for accessibility improvements to the provider search section.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter ZIP code 60647.
  3. Click “Start” in the “Tell us about you & your household” step.
  4. For the “Are you enrolled in a 2019 Marketplace health plan?”, choose “Skip”.
  5. For “Who’s in your household?”, enter “just you”.
  6. For “Tell us about you”, enter an age and sex, leaving the other items unchecked. Choose “Continue”.
  7. Choose ”Confirm” on “Confirm your household members”.
  8. Enter an income amount. Choose “Continue”.
  9. Choose “View Full Price Plans” or ”View Plans” on the “Estimated savings overview” page. The choice changes, depending on the income level chosen.
  10. Choose “Close” on the “Help comparing plans” pop-up modal.
  11. Click “See if doctors, facilities, & drugs are covered.” Enter a prescription drug (Ibuprofen, for example) or the name of a doctor (Smith, for example), then view results.

Note the changes made in the browser when the tool displays search results, as well as when doctors, prescription drugs, and medical facilities are added or removed from your list. Provide a list of recommendations to make this page more accessible.

These should include (but are not limited to) improvements to:

  • Visual changes to the UI (CSS, visual elements)
  • Technical changes: HTML, JS, ARIA attributes, other
  • Content


Make your submission recommendations in the provided file. Please use the three sections provided in this file to structure your response. Please be as specific as possible, using code snippets wherever appropriate to document your changes.

Included files

Here are the files we'll give to you to get you started. Download them when you are ready to begin.

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Don't include anything in your files that could identify you. We assign submissions a random number when they are received so our team does not know whose homework they are evaluating. Multiple team members will review your submission before a decision is made.

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