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Form design


Imagine your team is working on revamping the contact page for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) developer portal.

Your task

Take a look at Explore the form by selecting different options. There is no need to click the submit button for this exercise (we don’t want to spam VA).

  • What are the first 5 questions you would ask the project’s stakeholders?
  • What 2-5 improvements would you recommend be made to the ‘contact us’ form? Include your reasoning and assumptions.

Goal: Make it easy for users to ask for help and get support with either publishing their application programming interface (API) or using one of VA’s APIs.

Audience: Software developers, some of whom work for VA and some of whom do not.


  • Answer in 800 or fewer words.
  • Please do not identify yourself in your document.
  • Save as a single plaintext (.txt) file.

Included files

There are no included files to download for this assignment.

Ready to submit?

Don't include anything in your files that could identify you. We assign submissions a random number when they are received so our team does not know whose homework they are evaluating. Multiple team members will review your submission before a decision is made.

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